Developing the Most Sensitive and Specific Bladder Cancer Test

About Our Product

Bladder cancer is one of the major cancers of the urinary  system that is one of the most expensive cancers to treat due to a high recurrence rate

Typically, routine monitoring of bladder cancer is performed by cystoscopic examination and is invasive, painful, and expensive. Cystoscopy is often augmented by a non-invasive laboratory method such as urine cytology. However, these tests lack adequate sensitivity or specificity to significantly improve the diagnosis and treatment of bladder cancer patients. 

      URO17®️bladder cancer test is a        CE-Marked IVD product.


URO17®️ test recieved FDA breakthrough designation status and studies are in progress to achieve FDA clearance. 

50 years of


We have the know-how you need.

Our Story

Passion led us here.

At KDx Diagnostics, we believe in the advancement of bladder cancer recognition. Ever since our founding in 2016, we have worked endlessly to achieve the highest sensitivity and specificity test. With the creation of our URO17®️ bladder cancer test, we have achieved an inexpensive and non-invasive assay that is simpler to use for the patient with results that are more accurate than ever before. We hope with the introduction of the URO17®️, we can strive for quicker recognition and response to the dangers of cancer. Our goal is to help patients achieve a peaceful and care-free life.