Frequently Asked Questions from Patients

Is this test covered by my insurance?

Most insurance companies pay for this test. Please consult your physicians.

Where can I request for this test?

You can ask your Urologist to order this test for you.

How long before my doctor gets the results?

The turn around time is approximately 3 days

How much Urine is needed?

About 25-50 mL is needed

Can I use any cup to collect urine?

Since any cups do not meet sterilization standards, please use the collection cup provided by your physician.

When should I collect my urine? Morning or afternoon?

It is best to collect the first morning voided urine. But any urine sample will work.

What does a positive result mean?

We are obligated to let you know that you must consult your physician for that answer.

Do I still need to have cystoscopy before or after this test?

This decision is made by your physician.

How much does it cost if I don’t have insurance ? Out of pocket cost?

Please contact us here for an estimate.

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