Frequently asked questions

What is Ethereal?

Ethereal Clash of Souls Is a revolutionary 3rd person MOBA being crafted by Undying Games. ECoS has been in development since 2017 with a planned release date of 2021. To learn more about our game go to or check out our Youtube.

What is Atomichub-Wax? is a marketplace to sell and buy NFTs using WAX tokens, you can read about Wax in the official website:

What is a Silver Pack, Gold Pack and Ethereal Pack?

These pack contain 7 NFTS. The higher the value of the pack the better chance you have of getting non shard cards and even getting 100% chance for certain cards. Learn the full probabilities HERE.

How to craft cards?

Log into using your WAX wallet. Then on the left side of the screen click on BLEND and select the appropriate ingredients. This will burn the 3 pieces used from your wallet and the crafted card will appear.

Is Ethereal out yet?

Ethereal Clash of Souls (ECoS) is currently still under development with internal testing soon to finalize and kick off the pre alpha. We decided to launch the NFT collection now to give people a chance to be part of most ambitious MOBA ever launched.

Where/how can I use these NFTs?

For now, you can hold /trade/sell them on the atomic marketplace as well as crafting them into higher more rare tiers. Undying Games plans on implementing them into our in game client as a collectible that can be displayed on your profile as well as trading them directly with other users among other points still in development.

Why can't I buy a tier 3?

While you can purchase the probability of getting one in the Ethereal pack. You cannot guarantee a Tier 3 in this sale. We wanted to give the community a chance to craft their way up to a Tier 3 making it rare and really rewarding those who go through the process.

Is Ethereal an NFT Game?

No, Ethereal is first and foremost a MOBA. These NFTs are collectibles created by Undying Games on the WAX blockchain.

Are NFTs bad for the environment?

The answer is, it depends. Some NFT transactions use a lot of electricity which can be a negative aspect depending on how that electricity was acquired, This is why we chose the environmental friendly way to do this through the WAX blockchain which is carbon neutral.