Frequently asked questions

How much Urine should I collect?

As much as possible but Urine cellularity isn’t more important than its volume.

Is morning collection better than afternoon collection?

We recommend voided urine.

Is hematuria Urine acceptable for this test?

We recommend all hematuria even micro hematuria to be tested with URO17

Can blood interfere with URO17 test?

No, no interferance will occur.

How should I store the urine?

Once collected, please keep in refrigerator ( not frozen) until pick up.

How soon should I call for pick up?

The sooner the better.

How many days can I keep the urine in the refrigerator?

Urine for URO17 test can be stored in refrigerator up to 3 days.

Which number should I call for pick up?

+1 (408) 677-8861

Can we have a daily pick up carrier services?

Yes please call +1 (408) 677-8861 to arrange for daily pick up

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